Thank you for all you have done to help me, while P90X obviously likes to take before & after photos like these so they can say that they were the enabler; I know it was you and your approach to you what you do. Thank you for that.
– Jeff H., Vienna, VA


“Despite being an ex-college swimmer and current marathon runner, I had a poor diet that led me to eat too many carbohydrates and sugar,which caused me to crash-n-burn and “nap” for hours in the middle of the afternoon. However, after I started on Herbalife’s shakes and vitamins, my erergy skyrocketed and my blood sugars equalized.  My overwhelming desire for sugar and “naptime” also abated.  In fact, since I’ve started on Herbalife’s products, I’m no longer engulfed with fatigue in the afternoon, and I haven’t had to nap on one single occasion.  This is truly an amazing feat given my prior physical state and propensity to be completely paralyzed with fatigue by one o’clock in the afternoon.  Thank you to Kimberly and Herbalife for restoring my energy and my life!  Herbalife’s products are truly amazing.  I recommend Herbalife to anyone who wants to improve not only their nutrition, but their entire emotional and physical well-being.”

– Carole K., Rockville, MD



JoshBefore Herbalife After Herbalife
Before & After Kim


Before Herbalife Typical 6 Prescriptions Irregular & Inconsistent Movements

After Herbalife No Prescriptions Normal Bowel Movements Reduction of 12 inches, 6% body fat, 5 lbs plus an increase in 4 lbs lean body mass!

Before & After April


Before Herbalife 24% Body Fat 128 Lbs Unstable Blood Sugars Panic Attacks Continuous Coffee Drinker After Herbalife 17% Body Fat 120 Lbs Stabilized Blood Sugars No Panic Attacks Focused Energy